We’re brand new. But also experienced.

Founded in 2024 by Chris & Phil

Only Fonts was founded in 2024 by two type designers with over 8+ years in display type design and 10 Million Downloads on Dafont. Our Expertise gives us the possibility to offer low cost fonts that are still premium. Our vision is a place for inexpensive fonts that are accesible for everyone. If you’re a startup and new company like ours you can purchase a font for 3$…that’s less than a coffee. But we still need to pay our own coffees so large companies pay more, which we think is pretty fair. We are also working together with other type designers to offer many different new handcrafted fonts. Because that’s what it’s all about: Bringing more variety into handwritten fonts to make each design even more unique. 

We’re not just a font foundry. Next to creating our own fonts we’re always open for creating custom fonts for companies and other design related projects.  We also want to create helpful tools to push the designers community forward. We shape companies, startups and fonts!