„I want to use the font non-commercially.“

All of our fonts are 100% free for personal use. That means you can use the font for:

– your wedding invitations
– your personal blog (without advertising income or simliar)
– private letters

and everything else, as long as no direct or indirect profit is sought with the project.

„I want to use the font commercially.“

Are you using the font directly or indirectly to aim profit? In this case you’ll need a license. The number of employees in your company / your client’s company is decisive for the price of the license.

There are four types of Licenses.

Personal Use

Non-commercial usage (You're not aiming profit)


Small Company / Client

commercial usage for print and web for companies and client with 1 - 5 employees.


+3$ web/app/ebooks

Medium Company / Client

commercial usage for print and web for companies and clients with 6 - 10 employees.


+9$ web/app/ebooks

Large Company / Client

commercial usage for print and web for companies and clients with more than 10 employees.

On Request

Licensing Agreement

Acceptance of Terms

By installing and utilizing any font provided by Only Fonts, you (“the Licensee”) hereby agree to be bound by these Licensing Terms. Installation or use of the font signifies the Licensee’s acceptance of all terms and conditions contained herein.

Article 1: License Issuance

1.1. Licenses are granted to the entity (company or brand) using the font in its published materials, who shall be recognized as the “Licensee.” Designers or agencies creating designs for a third party shall ensure the license is held in the name of the client.

1.2. In agency-client relationships, the end client shall be considered the Licensee.

Article 2: Licensing Model

2.1. Our licensing model allows for unlimited users and third-party usage within the Licensee’s organization, facilitating broader usage within the scope of the Licensee’s projects.

Article 3: Commercial Use

3.1. Commercial usage of fonts requires a license purchase, unless specifically designated as “free for commercial use”. Available licenses include Standard, Multimedia, and Extended categories.

Article 4: Determining the Correct License

4.1. The appropriate license category shall be determined based on the size of the Licensee’s organization, particularly using the “employee rule” as a guide. Small company: 1-5 employees, medium company: 6-10 employees and large companies (more than 10 employees)

Article 5: Non-commercial Use

5.1. Fonts are available for personal, non-commercial use at no charge.

Article 6: Non-Purchase and Violations

6.1. Failure to procure a required license or breach of licensing terms will incur a penalty per incident of unauthorized use.

Article 7: Credit Requirement

7.1. Commercial usage of fonts should be accompanied by acknowledgment of Shaped Fonts. Licensees adhering to appropriate licensing may waive this requirement.

Article 8: License Validity

8.1. Licenses, once purchased, do not expire and continue to authorize use indefinitely.

Article 9: Prohibition on Third-party Sharing and Embedding

9.1. Sharing the font with third parties or embedding it in websites or applications for use by others is strictly prohibited, barring possession of an Extended License. For broader use, such as embedding in products or enabling design creation by third parties, a special license must be obtained through direct communication with us.

These Licensing Terms are crafted to provide clarity and ease of understanding, ensuring Licensees are well-informed of their rights and responsibilities in using Shaped Fonts.

If you have any questions, please contact us at